About Us

Headquarters in Antwerp, present at trade shows worldwide

Started as a traveling broker from office to office. We vested our office in the Antwerp, The Diamond Capital of the World. In addition to our headquarters we take part in international trade fairs worldwide. In order to remain aware of the innovations in the industry, we stay in touch with our customers and meet new customers.

Warcel Diamonds offers cut and polished Fancy shaped diamonds to jewelry manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe and the World. Warcel has established a reputation built firmly on the values of the industry.

Every customer benefits from Warcel Diamond`s quality guarantee and the company`s pride in providing polished diamonds with highly-skilled craftsmanship by some of the world finest diamond manufacturers.

Specialization in rectangular & square diamonds

Immediately upon its founding in 1955, Warcel Diamonds specialized in diamonds with rectangular and square shapes: Baquette, Princess, Taper Baguette, Squares, Emerald, Cushion.

Specializing in Fancy shapes. Warcel`s diamond inventury includes a wide variety of large stones from 1 carat and up, as well as small stones from 0.01 to 1 carat. Customers are able to purchase diamonds according to their precise specifications for cut clarity, color and carat. Diamonds are sorted into 500 variants.

Because of this specialization, our devotion to quality and integrity we have earned a a great reputation in the professional, highly specialized diamond trade today.

Classified by Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat

Thanks to the longstanding relationships we have developed over the years with our customers. We have worked through assortments and classifications to deliver extremely precise orders based on the needs of our customers. The relationship has allowed us to understand our customers and be able to supply the need.

To serve the jewellery industry, we hold a large stock of diamonds in 500 varieties, classified in a variety of assortments and classifications.

Warcel evolving with the Internet

With our customers in mind, we developed tools to help share the knowledge. the Warcel Conversion List for Fancy Shapes and the Parcel Price List.

We hope it helps you and us work more efficiently. you can also check our published pricelist which might change every month.


Andre Warcel
Managing Director


I am proud that Warcel Diamonds has a worldwide reputation for service, quality, experience and trust. Trust is a precious commodity, just like diamonds that we offer.

To obtain the reputation, I have always invested in the relationship with customers. After years a close relationship of trust arises. In our offices is the atmosphere informal and friendly.